The Mecca Center • Administrative Assistant

Job Description

The Mecca Center is seeking a full-time Administrative Assistant who reports to the Secretary and is responsible for performing both administrative and communications duties. The Administrative Assistant is vital to fulfilling the day-to-day affairs of the Mecca Center which requires ongoing attention to all activities and support to congregates. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to with the words “Administrative Assistant” in the subject line.

Essential Duties

  • Public Relations: Ensuring quality relations with community members and the public who attend our services.
  • Information: Providing information to people who have questions about Mecca Center programs and services or basic questions pertaining to Islamic matters.
  • Aiding Departments: Bringing needed support to all general operations department like Facility, Finance, and Communications, Committees, and the Board.
  • Administration: Drafting Board and Committee minutes reporting along with specific projects upon committee requests; Creating and managing documents such as Google docs.
  • Clerical & Receptionist Duties: Ensuring proper handling of all incoming phone calls, mail, visitor appointments, etc. This position also ensures effective functioning of the front office activities, especially during prayers and various events.
  • Correspondence: Composing letters when requested and ensuring all correspondences are mailed or delivered in a timely manner.
  • Bookkeeping: Filing all documents related to financials, marriage and divorce, converts, and different organizational reports in an organized easy to retrieve manner.
  • Scheduling: Ensuring that all functions and the use of facilities at the Mecca Center are scheduled without any conflict.; Updating the Mecca Center calendar of events and bulletin boards.
  • Programs & Public Events: Coordinating and assisting in all the mosque activities such as weekly lectures, monthly programs, community picnics, Sunday School, including preparing in advance for all what is needed.
  • Fundraising: Assisting in all fundraising activities such as coordinating volunteers at all doors after Friday prayers, receiving daily donations, and following up on pledges coordinated with the Finance Department.
  • Announcements: Collecting announcements and ensuring their timely delivery on a daily basis.
  • Ramadan: Supporting daily fundraising by arranging for Qiyam and Suhoor during the last ten days, as well as supporting Itikaf needs.
  • Eid: Managing event reservations and payments.
  • Bulletin Boards: Receive and present all advertisements and fliers request for posting inside the mosque for approving or disapproving in accordance with the Mecca Center’s policies.
  • Guests: Receive the mosque’s guests and book hotels for them as needed.
  • Buying: Supporting the Facilities Manager when needed to purchasing necessary materials for the Mecca Center.