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Middle School Boys Quran Program
Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm

The Mecca Center offers Quran classes for Middle School Boys (ages 11-14) that are interested in learning how to read the Quran. Programs include Islamic studies and activities.

Abdullah Damra
AbdulAziz Abughoda
Ahmed Kawji
Tariq Musleh

Raise our youth to love the Quran and to worship and obey Allah. Encourage them to live their lives with Quranic manners and character.

Age Group
11-14 year old boys

Quran Education Goals
● Teach students how to read the Quran correctly.
● Train students to learn important memorization skills.
● Give students a taste of the beauty of the Quran by explaining important words from the Quran and interesting stories that they will remember.

Character-Building and Spirituality Goals
● Build a strong bond between students and the Quran, which will help them to hold on to their natural goodness (Fitra) that Allah has given them as human beings.
● Show students the beauty of their beliefs and faith as Muslims and help them to feel proud to be a part of the Muslim community.
● Help students to live a life based on Quranic manners and character, and building good Islamic habits and values (e.g. brotherhood, being good to parents, honesty, halal and haram, etc.).
● Teach students some of the rules of Islamic worship that they need to know at their age and practice them with them.
● Share parts of the Seerah and sayings of the Prophet (S) with students to give them the best role model to follow.
● Create an environment of brotherhood that will protect students from going down the wrong path.

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Registration forms can be submitted to or given to Administrative Director Sister Nasreen Amira in-person or mailed to The Mecca Center, Attention: Mecca Quran Institute, 16W560 91st Street, Willowbrook, IL 60527.

The Quran Institute will hold classes at the Mecca Center – 16W560 91st Street Willowbrook, IL 60527. For more information, please call (630)241-2000 x4 or e-mail