Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we are honored to have The Mecca Center be part of this significant occasion.

For Marriage/Nikah services at The Mecca Center, please complete the steps below:

  1. Contact Sis. Ghada Awwad at The Mecca Center at
  2. Obtain a marriage license from the local county courthouse/office and submit a copy of  it before the Islamic marriage appointment.
  3. Complete our Nikah Service Request Form below and submit it no later than seven days prior to the date of the Nikah ceremony.
  4. Provide two witnesses for the Nikah ceremony.
  5. Bring photo IDs to the Nikah ceremony. Copies of photo IDs will be kept at The Mecca Center for record.
  6. The Nikah ceremony will take place in The Mecca Center banquet.
  7. The banquet is free for up to twenty-five guests. If the attendance exceeds twenty-five people, the banquet rental fee will apply.
  8. The Mecca Center provides the nikah service for free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.
Marriage Form

Marriage Form

We do our best to accommodate your schedule, but please note that this does not guarantee a meeting at the selected time. The Imam of The Mecca Center will contact you to set an appointment. Please note that the wait for a weekend or holy day appointment might be longer.

The Mecca Center will not proceed with the Nikah until all paperwork has been submitted as well as premarital counseling and all logistical matters have been completed.