Girl Scouts

The Mecca Center Girl Scouts meet monthly. This girl led group is all about female empowerment. Girls learn by doing, engage with their community, and take action to make their community and the world a better place. This group is led by volunteer parents and we strive to provide a variety of learning opportunities for girls to learn arts, sciences, mathematics, and engineering skills all while applying the values and characteristics that reflect the Girl Scout Promise. The Girl Scout Promise is all about kindness, integrity, and giving back to the world which are all values integrated from our Islamic beliefs and the beauitful character of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings Be upon Him.
The Muslim Girl Scouts Troop at The Mecca Center continues to grow,  thanks to Mecca’s support. If YOU want your daughter to join, fill out this form to volunteer so that a new Troop may form. Click here to learn more about Girl Scouts.

The current Girl Scout troop is full but please complete this form so that we may contact you when there are openings or a new section opening.


Adult Volunteers

Adult volunteers for Girl Scouts needed! Shape Muslim girls’ hearts and minds and gain exclusive access to the cookie pantry! Spend quality time with the community youth, adventure outdoors, and help girls become the best versions of themselves. We meet once a month at The Mecca Center or off-site for fun field trips. Make a lifelong impact on our girls and invest in Sadaqa Jariyah that goes beyond your life!