Mecca Center’s Annual Converts’ Conference is a yearly conference organized by Mecca Center’s Convert Engagement Committee. 

The next conference is scheduled for May 3-5, 2024.


3rd Annual Converts’ Conference at The Mecca Center will be dedicated to examining a variety of scholarly and community perspectives on the history of maintaining unwavering faith in the face of adversity. Together we will explore strategies all Muslims can employ today to stay on the right path and keep their faith strong.

The conference is open to all – converts, heritage Muslims, and those who are interested in Islam. Heritage Muslims are especially encouraged to attend!

The overarching goal of the conference is to deepen our community’s understanding of what it means to be a convert. Another goal is to move everyone involved towards empathy, advocacy, and concrete actions that will result in supporting our convert brothers and sisters and in making our community stronger and more unified. 

The conference features presentations and workshops by prominent scholars, activists, and community leaders dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise in an engaging and practical way. 

The interactive format of the conference offers exciting topics explored through scholastic discourse, community and personal reflections and discussions, hands-on activities, and social interaction. 

The conference takes place every year. 

Previous Conference Speakers:

Sheikh Hassan Aly
Hazel Gómez
Ameena Mitchell
Donna Neil-Demir
Mike Swies
Sheikh Suhaib Webb
Dr. Tamara Gray


Previous Conference Storytellers: 

A’lya Aman
Jacob Lorenzi
Beatrice Layla Martínez