General School Policies:

  1. Regular and prompt attendance is vital to developing a sense of community and acquiring Islamic knowledge. Students are expected to be at school and prepared to learn. An excess of 5 absences or tardies may result in the need of the child to repeat the year.
  2. MECCA School students will dress in appropriate and Islamic attire while attending school. Boys will be asked to wear long pants and girls in 5th grade or higher will be asked to wear scarves and long skirts during school hours. Boys wearing shorts or girls without scarves/skirt will be given a warning the first week. They may be asked to return home if the above dress code is not adhered to.
  3. Any student caught tampering with or damaging school property shall be held financially liable for the damage.
  4. Students may not bring toys or games to class. Teachers may take possession of such items if found to be causing classroom disruptions.
  5. Should a child become ill or injured while at school, parents will be contacted. If immediate medical attention is required, paramedics will be called.
  6. Students may bring a sack lunch or snack to school each week. The school will not be providing meals.
  7. Parents are kindly requested not to visit classrooms while learning is taking place. If a parent must speak to the teacher, an appointment will gladly be scheduled before or after school.
  8. Classroom behavior will be managed by the teacher. The school teacher will provide the students with a behavior system including positive incentives as well as consequences for repeated transgressions by the student. Extreme behavior may warrant consequences such as missing recess or gym, phone call home, or parent conference if necessary.
  9. In order to establish a true community spirit within our Sunday school, it is essential that there is continued positive communication between the parents, teachers, and administration. If any concerns arise, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to discuss these concerns. Overall curriculum issues may be addressed by



  1. Doors will not be open until 1:45 – For any student who needs to leave earlier, please send a note with your child to give to the teacher upon arrival to school.
  2. Please stay in your cars – teachers will escort your children to the car.
  3. Please continue straight without turning into the parking lot to ensure the safety of the children walking out.

JAK for your continued support and concern for our students’ safety.


Linda Hamadeh (Principal): 630-887-1858,

Zuka Jabri (Assistant Principal): 630-455-1079