Mecca Summer Night

You and your loved ones are invited to attend a gathering of faith and fun "Mecca Summer Night". Come with your entire family and enjoy delicious food, sit in on bonfires and don't forget the s'mores- while listening in to intellectual stories for the kids and Nasheed. Our summer night event will also highlight the...

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Dutifulness to Parents

The Mecca Center Transformative Tarbiyah Initiative presents a Mecca MVMT special edition for our Recharge and FNL families. This luncheon and learning circle will highlight the reading and reflections on the duties and obligations to our parents. Join our special guest Shaykh Jamaal Diwan along with respected Shaykh Tariq Musleh. Come join and be part...

Study Circle: The Book of Aphorisms

The Mecca Center invites our community members to our study circle as we dive deep into the book of Aphorisms. We will delve into sections from the book of wisdoms on Kitab AlHikam of Ibn Ata'Allah al-Iskandri.

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Quran Blossoms Fall Registration

Come join Quran Blossoms is taking students for the fall starting in August! For ages 2-5 years old. Please note admission is on first come first serve basis. Please RSVP and we will be in touch with selected candidates for further steps. Parent portal: First time registrants please use this link to access parent...

Prophetic Art of Listening

The Mecca Center is excited to announce June's Community Night Qiyam- A Prophetic Art of Listening. With The Mecca Centers very own respected and honorable Shaykh Tariq we welcome best selling author Shaykh Mikaeel Smith to share the official book launch of "When hearing becomes listening". Alongside we will have special guest Hafidh Yaman Alghafeer...

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Book Study- When Hearing becomes Listening

We invite our community members to join us for an in-depth workshop and book study with best selling author Shaykh Mikaeel Smith. We are excited for Shaykh Mikaeel Smith to go in depth and discuss his new book "When Hearing becomes Listening".

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Dialogues of the Hereafter

The Mecca Center is excited to welcome our special guest and best selling author Shaykh Mikaeel Smith alongside with TMC's most respected Shaykh Tariq Musleh. Come take part in this amazing lecture and discussion as we dive deep into the understanding of "Dialogues of the Hereafter." Do not miss this chance to straighten your deen...

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Emerging Leadership Orientation

An orientation for emerging passionate leaders & volunteers in current committees. Learn how to engage with Mecca in productive & meaningful ways and get informed on the volunteer structure of The Mecca Center.