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Middle School Boys Quran Program

Age Group: 11-14 year old boys

Offering Days: Mondays & Wednesdays from 5pm-6:45pm

Start Date: September 5, 2018

Cost: $120/month

Raise our youth to love the Quran and to worship and obey Allah. Encourage them to live their lives with Quranic manners and character.

Quran Education Goals
● Teach students how to read the Quran correctly.
● Train students to learn important memorization skills.
● Give students a taste of the beauty of the Quran by explaining important words from the Quran and interesting stories that they will remember.

Character-Building and Spirituality Goals
● Build a strong bond between students and the Quran, which will help them to hold on to their natural goodness (Fitra) that Allah has given them as human beings.
● Show students the beauty of their beliefs and faith as Muslims and help them to feel proud to be a part of the Muslim community.
● Help students to live a life based on Quranic manners and character, and building good Islamic habits and values (e.g. brotherhood, being good to parents, honesty, halal and haram, etc.).
● Teach students some of the rules of Islamic worship that they need to know at their age and practice them with them.
● Share parts of the Seerah and sayings of the Prophet (S) with students to give them the best role model to follow.
● Create an environment of brotherhood that will protect students from going down the wrong path.


Mecca Quran Institute: 2019 Child Registration Form

Online registration is also available for Mecca Quran Institute courses. Tuition is charged monthly. People registering online must also complete the Adult and/or Child registration forms above.

Registration forms can be submitted to, delivered in-person, or mailed to The Mecca Center, Attention: Mecca Quran Institute, 16W560 91st Street, Willowbrook, IL 60527. Please note that there is a $45 registration fee for each student and a check made out to The Mecca Center must be submitted with your registration forms.

The Quran Institute holds classes at the Mecca Center – 16W560 91st Street Willowbrook, IL 60527. For more information, please call (630)241-2000 x4 or e-mail