Now, you can sponsor any of the following items in the new building.
Please contact the Imam or the Administrative Director or any Executive Committee member by phone, email or in person.
The deadline is the end of Ramadan in sha Allah.
A recognition display will be placed in the foyer to recognize major donors and sponsors of specific parts of the Mecca Center.
Banquet Hall       $250,000   Sponsored”
Kitchen                 $100,000
Lecture Room     $150,000  Sponsored”
Men Wudu           $100,000
Women Wudu     $100,000   Sponsored”
Concession           $50,000
First Floor
Lobby/Foyer      $150,000
Library              $250,000     “Sponsored”
Imam Office      $75,000
Board Room      $150,000
IT room             $ 50,000
Small Prayor     $250,000
Body wash        $100,000
Gym               $1,000,000
Second Floor
Women Prayer  $300,000  Sponsored”
Baby sitting      $75,000
Visiting guest    $75,000
Class room (7)      $50,000  each “1 class Sponsored”
Youth Director   $50,000 each
Chandelier Main $100,000    Sponsored”
Landscaping $ 150,000
AV $ 100,000
Kitchen equipment $ 100,000