March 5 was not the typical day for the Mecca Quran Institute students. It was a “Fun Day” that many students were anticipating. The sound of laughter and happiness could be heard throughout the Mecca Center.

“We wanted to have the Fun Day because we think our students deserved it,” said Tourkieh Kholoki, a Mecca Quran Institute teacher and one of the organizers. Kholoki said, “this event will definitely motivate and encourage the students on doing better with their lessons and reading practices.”

During the “Fun Day,” the students played a friendly dodge-ball tournament in the gym. There were also game stations set up for the students. The game station games included: scooter board racing, sack race, jump roping, and a cornhole toss game. Along with the games, there was a photo booth with options of silly props and accessories.

“The goal of the “Fun Day” was to show students that hard work really pays off, and that learning the Quran can be fun,” Tourkieh Kholoki said. “We want the students to feel the need to come back and continue learning.”

Based off the smiles and laughter students and teachers had experienced, the “Fun Day” was a true success motivating students to work harder for the following year.  

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