In the past four years, we have explored the themes of surat al Kahf and the stories of Yousuf (AS), Musa and Haroun (AS), and Ibrahim (AS). Join us for season 5 of our Ramadan series as we dive into the journey of Isa and Maryam (AS).
Sheikh Hassan Aly will present the beautiful story of Isa and Maryam through tafseer of surat Al Ma’ida, Al Imran, Maryam, and more. Through walking in the footsteps of our prophet Isa and Sayyida Maryam, we can both connect with the Quran and learn from the lessons of our beloved.
The series will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, and Fridays after Jummah prayer until 3:30 pm, beginning May 29th and ending June 23rd insha’Allah. This series welcomes teenagers 14+ and adults. Get ready for spiritual revival and see you then insha’Allah!