Assalamu Alaikum Mecca Center Family,

I hope and pray that all of you and your families are in the best of Iman, health, and circumstances. This is indeed the time of year when much change takes place. From heading back to school for a new and exciting year – to the colors of the leaves, change has come. Our tradition teaches us that such changes are a reminder of the need for us to constantly look within, in search of opportunities for positive transformations in ourselves, our families, and the community at large.

It is in this very spirit of change that we share with you what we hope to be the beginning of a new era in youth efforts for the Mecca Center community insha’Allah. At the core of the Mecca MVMT are weekly programs for youth led by youth. The details of these weekly programs are as follows:

Mecca Meet Up: A gathering for young youth ages 11 – 13 for activities, discussions, and refreshments.
Boys: Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm
Girls: Fridays 7pm-9pm

Friday Night Live: An opportunity for youth ages 14 – 18 to chill, relax, eat, play sports/activities, and discuss faith.
Boys and Girls: 7pm-9pm

Rest assured, this is only the beginning bidhnillah. In the weeks to come, we are excited to have our official Mecca MVMT launch event where will share with you so much more of our vision and plans to make The Mecca Center a hub of inclusivity, activism, and spiritual enlightenment for youth.

JazakumUllahu Khairan,

Sh. Tariq Musleh