The Mecca Center and Rahma Relief Foundation invite you to attend a lecture with Dr. Mohamad Rateb Al-Nabulsi on Saturday, April 21 at 7:30pm.

The son of a well-known Syrian religious scholar who left a large collection of books and manuscripts, Dr. Al-Nabulsi is known for his lectures on Islam. Al-Nabulsi is the co-founder and manager of Nabulsi Encyclopedia of Islamic Science and has represented Syria all over the world in many Islamic conferences. Muslims know him through his lessons, orations, symposiums, and interviews broadcast on radio and television. He is the author of several books, many of which have been translated into English.

Read more about Dr. Mohamad Rateb Al-Nabulsi:

Dr. Mohamad Rateb Al-Nabulsi was born in 1938 of a relatively poor, but well educated, family. His father was one of the religious scholars of Damascus city, who preached in Sheikh Muhiddeen Bin Arabi and Sheikh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi mosques and left a large collection of books including some manuscripts.

He completed his primary, intermediate and secondary education, then he studied at the institute of education, from which he graduated in the year 1956, when he completed his higher studies at the department of Arabic literature, faculty of letters, Damascus university, from which he graduated in 1964, after he got a B.A. in Arabic language and literature. After that, he went to the faculty of education in Damascus University, from which he got a Diploma in educational accreditation, with a high rating, in the year 1966. Then, he joined the university of Leon (The Lebanon Branch) where he got an M.A. in Arabic literature. The topic of his M.A. thesis was entitled “Tawfeeq Al-Hakeem as a Critic”. It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Culture and National Guidance of the Syrian Arab Republic undertook to publish his M.A. thesis on its own account. In 1999, He got a Ph.D. in education from Dublin University, Britain. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Education of Children in Islam”.

From 1969 to 1999, he worked in the field of secondary, and then university education; and he was appointed a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Damascus University.

He has written, and shared in writing several books related to his job, most important of which are “from The Literature of Life”, a reading text book for the secondary education certificate (Literary and scientific), which was taught for about ten years, and a book of methodology of teaching Arabic for students of post-graduate studies (Diploma of Educational Accreditation) in the Faculty of Education, Damascus University, among other books.

He studied Islamic Religion and Legislation when he was still young, and he attended lectures given by a number of religious scholars in Damascus. He also studied Quranic Interpretation, Prophetic Tradition, Islamic Jurisprudence, Prophetic biography, and Islamic obligations; and he got a license in Prophetic Hadith Narration from his professor at the faculty of literature, Dr. Sheikh Sobhi As-Saleh, professor of Quranic sciences, Al-Hadith sciences and linguistics at Damascus University.

In the year 1974, he was appointed orator in the mosque of his grandfather, the knowledgeable Sheikh Abdulghani An-Nabulsi, and a religion lecturer in the mosques of Damascus; and he has been orating and teaching in An-Nabulsi mosque, and also in other mosques such as Al-Othman, At-Tawousiah, Al-Ahmadiah, where he has taught Islamic Theology, Quranic Interpretation, Prophetic Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Prophetic Biography, Arabic Literature, and Basic Principles of Islamic Call. Then he was appointed principal of Quranic Recitation Institute of An-Nabulsi mosque, a supervisor of “Nahj Al-Islam” Magazine, issued by the Ministry of Awqaf in the Syrian Arab Republic. He was also appointed member of several committees setup by the Ministry of Awqaf. The Minister of Awqaf issued an order whereby he appointed him as one of the orators of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, and a religious teacher in it. He represented Syria in a great number of Islamic conferences in more than one of the Arab, Eastern and Western countries. He also answered invitation of Islamic communities, universities and societies in North America, Australia, Turkey and Lebanon, where he delivered religious lectures.

He also delivers a number of lessons, orations, symposiums and chat programs broadcast on the Syrian, Arab, and Islamic radios and Televisions.

He has written a number of Islamic books, most remarkable of which are: “Encyclopedia of the Beautiful Names of Allah”, “Encyclopedia of Scientific Miracles of the Holy Quran and Prophetic Sunna”, “Outlooks on Islam”, “Contemplations on Islam”, among others. He also wrote articles for some Syrian, Arab, Islamic, and Western magazines and newspapers.

He is married and has three daughters, all of whom are married. He also has two sons, the first of whom has a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the USA, and the second works in the field of business and trading.