Thank you for attending our special Community Night Iftar on Thursday, June 7. The enriching evening included breaking our fast together, taking part in prayer as a community, and listening to our guest speaker, Ustadh Abdul Sattar Ahmed, give an inspiring lecture on living a life of spirituality.

In his lecture, Ustadh Abdul Sattar shared a hadith about when the angel Jibreel asked the Prophet Muhammad (s) to tell him about Ihsaan. The Prophet (s) replied by explaining that Ihsaan is to worship Allah (swt) as if you see Him (swt), and if you cannot do that, to at least be aware that He (swt) sees you. [Narrated Abu Huraira]

Abdul Sattar elaborated on the meaning of the Prophet’s  (s) statement of wisdom by stating that “the person at the highest level of spirituality is able to witness Allah (swt) in every single thing that he sees on the Earth. So as he looks at the sky, he sees the creation of Allah, meaning he remembers Allah. If he sees his children, he remembers Allah, if he sees his spouse, he remembers Allah, meaning the bounty of Allah upon him. If he sees anything beautiful, he remembers how Allah (swt) created it. He sees anything from the creation that he witnesses, he sees Allah’s role as God, as Lord, as Love, and Ila in it.”

We thank you again for sharing a special evening with us and may Allah (swt) help us continue to strive for excellence in our lives and in His name. Ameen.

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