By Rana Abudaoud

By the guidance of Allah (swt) and His help, our Mecca Quran Institute (MQI) always seeks to develop and renew itself to accommodate all the needs of our community in the service of the great Quran, and we would like to share some of our plans for this year.

MQI Purpose: Reading, Understanding, Memorization, Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Ijazah, Islamic activities and manners

MQI Highlights & Updates

  • 35 Classes of Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Adults, Sahib Alquran
  • Enrollment increase from 120 students last year to 260 students this year
  • Team of 30 teachers, assistants, and volunteers

Accomplishments & Additions

  • Elementary student Open House
  • Sahib Al-Quran Student Appreciation and Information Night
  • Ongoing from last year (4) Sahib Al Quran” Hafiz” classes
  • Ongoing from last year (8) classes for Elementary school
  • Launched (8) classes for Middle school boys and girls
  • Launched (4) classes for High School boys and girls including (2) College classes
  • Ongoing (3) Tajweed classes (Academic Tajweed and Ijazah)
  • Launched (16) classes for Adult women and men (Tilawa; memorize)
  • Launched 3 Summer Camps targeting (ages 6-12) (11-14 boys), and Sahib AlQuran Camp totaling to 120 students
  • Led a BidayaBook Training workshop with Sister Diana Khankan for teachers and helpers
  • Led an Active Learning Training/Workshop with Brother Hazim Junid, Hadia Zarzour, and Mutaz Alabed

Our 2018-2019 Plan

  • Starting an after college program the middle of November (for women in their mid-20s)
  • Launching a Quran Family Program (women only) on learning how to read Quran, perfecting Quran reading, and helping memorize Quran.
  • Monthly Quranic Skills Kit Training Workshop led by Sheikh Ahmed Alsheiky for teachers and team members at the Mecca Center
  • Training and Educating teachers and parents by Sr. Hadia Zarzour  
  • Monthly Circle on Computations of the Quran
  • Training Youth assistance for future teaching to serve the Mecca Community
  • Quran Competitions for MQI and the Mecca Center community  
  • Design and Development of New Islamic Studies Curriculum for the purpose of academic and professional learning for MQI Programs

Upcoming Development Trainings:

  • Workshop once every two months (Teachers development training)
  • Quarterly Quran Memorization Workshop
  • Special Summer Camp for Sahib Al-Quran (The month of July)
  • Omrah Program for Mecca Quran Institute in (Spring or Summer break)