Asalamu Alaikum, Dear Mecca Center Community,

Our journey will continue, but our mission is the same!

I am truly humbled and honored to be chosen by the board to serve as the second president of The Mecca Center. I am also excited and looking forward to the challenge of serving the house of Allah SWT and our amazing community.

Dr. Hamadeh had a significant role in laying out the mission and the vision of our Center. His relentless energy, unwavering commitment, and leadership were outstanding. We pray to Allah SWT to reward him and his family for their immense contributions to our Center.

I am blessed to have been involved with the Mecca Center since its inception. Insha Allah, our charted path will continue, our vision will crystallize, and our principles and values will remain. I be will be looking for your “three Cs” – critique, compliments, and contributions. Insha Allah, I will strive to give you back “three As” – accountability, accessibility, and appreciation.

Finally, I pray to Allah SWT to clear our intentions, guide us to the straight path, and grant us success in this life and the hereafter.

Wassalamu Alaikum,

Hani Atassi
President, The Mecca Center

Left to right: New President Hani Atassi, former President M.A. Hamadeh, MD, Sheikh Hassan Aly, and Board Member Nabil Jaber, MD