Forty (40%) of U.S. households have less than $1,000.00 to address financial emergencies. Many are living paycheck to paycheck. With the shutdown approach a full month, many federal workers and their families are experiencing severe financial difficulties: eviction, utility cutoff delayed medical care.  Like many of the households referenced above, many have no emergency funds on hand and are required to report to work despite not being paid. Many lack sufficient funds to even come to work.  The effects of the shutdown are having traumatic impact on these families. We are asking that our masajid (mosques) and our greater community speak to this crisis.  Please donate to relief assistance for furloughed workers.  The donations are being used to assist these workers with food, and transportation expenses for those who must report to work, but are not being paid.

Please use this LINK to take to you to the donation page.  Designate your donation for Shutdown Workers. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Abdullah Mitchell, CIOGC Executive Director

Photo: People wait in line at Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen for free meals to workers affected by the government shutdown in Washington, DC. PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS / AP