In the fall, Girl Scouts Troop 25605 kicked off the year with a team building adventure to face challenges of climbing ropes course up in the trees. We ended with halal smores over a fire and duaas!

Over winter break, scouts attended the Harlem Globetrotters basketball game as well as Northwestern Womens basketball game against Purdue. Scouts participated in a basketball clinic of drills and met with the female athletes as great role models for strength, hard work, and determination. Both games were full of excitement and the girls learned the value of team work by observing the teams.

Last week the scouts visited Panera bread and went behind the scenes to learn how the bakery prepares all their fresh breads and pastries each day. They enjoyed a good meal together and designed their own cookies! 

Girl Scouts are setting up for their service work to give back to the community. Please drop off pantry and toiletry options at Mecca Center and stay tuned for our cookie sales at the masjid as well!