The Mecca Center is very glad to announce the immediate availability of The Mecca Center mobile app on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store. Just open your app store and search for The Mecca Center.


The app has many useful features including:

  • Viewing Prayer and Iqama times for today and for the entire month for the masjid and any other location you might be in.
  • See who the next Friday khateeb is
  • View the latest news about the masjid
  • View the latest community news
  • Learn about the masjid’s weekly programs and any special events
  • Register for programs and events directly from the app 
  • View pictures and videos from masjid events
  • Donate to the masjid for any cause
  • Connect with masjid social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Receive relevant announcements and notifications. 
  • Contact us via phone/email/social media/navigation address

The app is in its first release and we welcome and encourage the feedback of the community at the following link. You can also go to Community News in the app to provide your feedback. Thank you.