This year, the Mecca Quran Institute (MQI) Elementary program began working with the Mohammad (PBUH) Our Leader (محمد قدوتنا) team with the hopes of introducing our students to the values from the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) life. The team of Muhammad (PBUH) Our Leader gave our MQI teachers a workshop with new techniques to help instill these values in our students in a new and fun way. These values include: the value of love, planning, generosity, brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam, teamwork, self-pride and Islamic identity, cleanliness, and finally, caring for the environment and animals around us.

Our wonderful program concluded with an end of the year celebration for our students and their families on May 4. We displayed exhibits reflecting the milestones from the Prophet’s (PBUH) life in the city of Medina. Some of these figures were: Masjid Al-Nabawi, the Mountain of Uhud, the Cave of Hiraa’, and the Tent of Um-Ma’bad. Our students also prepared statements in honor of our Prophet (PBUH) to perform for their families in the audience.

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