Hal Edward Runkel, LMFT invites parents to a special workshop, “Raising Amazing Adults in the 21st Century,” this Saturday, September 28 at The Mecca Center. The workshop runs from 10am to 3pm and includes lunch! Watch this video to learn more about the workshop and register today for only $50 per couple at bit.ly/ScreamFreeParenting.


The Mecca Center Family Programming Committee invites parents to “Raising Amazing Adults in the 21st Century: An Interactive Parenting Workshop” on Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 10am to 3pm inThe Mecca Center Banquet Hall. This workshop is led by Hal Edward Runkel, LMFT, author of New York Times bestseller “Scream Free Parenting,” as seen on Good Morning America.

This workshop aims to help parents support their children as they navigate an ever-changing world. Please join us for this special program that enriches mind and spirit. Space is limited – register today at bit.ly/ScreamFreeParenting for a special rate of $50 per couple including lunch. Babysitting is also available for $30 and online registration is required at bit.ly/ScreamFreeBabysitting.

Please note: If you are a couple that is registering, please register with ONE NAME to avoid purchasing an additional $50 ticket.

Single parents are of course welcome and tickets are $50. You are more than welcome to bring another guardian with you.

While parenting has presented challenges for every community throughout history, the 21st century is providing new levels of difficulty for even the strongest, healthiest families. What’s needed is a roadmap to help navigate the new challenges and blessings of technology, faith, globalism, neuroscience, and family dynamics. What’s also needed is a set of practical principles, which can be practiced immediately, to help parents know exactly what to do next.

This parenting program, led by New York Times bestselling author and Today Show expert, Hal Runkel, promises to do all that and more. Hal has spoken to parents in 19 countries and over 40 states. This has included several Islamic community centers around the U.S. Hal has found that parents everywhere all want the same thing: to see their children grow up to be happy, successful, responsible adults. And that’s the goal of this program: equipping parents with every tool they need to love their kids well, discipline them toward good choices, and then launch them out as amazing adults.

This workshop includes curricula from Hal’s books and classes: ScreamFree Parenting, Loving and Launching Teenagers into Adulthood, and ScreenSmart Parenting (best ways to handle technology).