On March 1, 2020, The Mecca Center held an informational session on the Active Adults Program it plans to launch this year. Over a hundred people attended and several of them enrolled in this program. For those who could not attend, please find a summary below of the proposed program.

WHAT is the Active Adults Program?
It is a program focused on social interaction and offers a platform for socializing, and activities catered to older adults who are 50 or older in age.

Mission: The purpose of the Active Adults Program is to foster the independence of older adults and help enhance their quality of life through social engagement, providing opportunities to make positive contributions to the community.

Vision: To provide the Active Adults (ages 50 and up) with an environment that allows them to enhance their day to day lives through social interaction and make meaningful contributions to the community through educational, volunteering, and recreational activities.

This program will be led by a newly formed Active Adults Committee which consists of 8 members:

Lubna Farooq (Committee Chair), Ahmad Osta, Anas Riyal, Bashar Kashlan, Kathy Allabadi, Shaheryar Arshad, Shereen Hussain, Zuka Jabri

HOW will the Active Adults Program work?
A variety of activities catered to 50 and older adults will be offered as part this program. If you did not attend the March 1st event, please see our survey at meccacenter.org/activeadults, where all the proposed activities are listed. We want your input to prioritize and roll out the services. These services will be offered once a week, 4 hours per day (12-4pm), on every Thursday of the week.

Enrollment is required for a fee of $15/month. Membership will be renewed yearly. You must be an enrolled and active member to utilize the services. Please fill out the enrollment form by visiting meccacenter.org/activeadults. The following services will be provided for an additional fee: (1) Transportation service from your home to The Mecca Center (if you live within 5 miles of TMC) and (2) Field Trips – the fee will depend on the type of outing.

WHAT do I get with my Active Adults Program Membership?
•Four hours a week of social interaction with your peers / friends in a safe environment
•Free Board games and some other supplies available for use
•Free Coffee and Tea
•Free Lunch Once a month – at a restaurant or at The Mecca Center
•2 Days of organized activities per month – such as a lecture, an instructor led class, games, arts & crafts, field trip etc.
•2 Days of “choose what you want to do on your own” per month – just come socialize and relax over a cup of tea/coffee; share your experiences; try your shayari/poetry skills, play board games, work on your sewing, knitting etc.

A coordinator available to supervise and assist during the designated hours. For more information please contact lubna@meccacenter.org. Insha’Allah the Active Adults Program will start once The Mecca Center resumes services at its facility.