This Ramadan, the Mecca Center is following the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ example of supporting our neighbors. We are providing sahoor to the Afghan refugees in the area along with providing iftar to the communities of Masjid Farooq and Rohingya Culture Center (RCC). RCC caters to the Rohingya and Afghan refugees in the north side of Chicago.

In these last ten days of Ramadan, please consider subsidizing the cost and earn the reward of feeding those in need. We are providing sahoor for 50 refugees per day. Mecca Center is also delivering 100 meals to each location once a week. Each iftar is $11 per person. Please consider sponsoring as many iftars as you can to provide much needed support to our neighbors.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to your generous support, all sponsorships have been fulfilled!

Sponsor Iftars for families in need

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