Join us for MVMT Recharge: Purification of the Heart & Soul, a series for college and young professionals addressing the diseases of the heart, their symptoms, and treatment. The discussion is led by Sh. Tariq Musleh every second and fourth Saturday from 6pm-8pm. Questions? Contact

What is MVMT Recharge?

MVMT Recharge is a program for college and young professionals. Life often gets draining and our Iman battery begins to run low. Thus, this program strives to provide the youth of our community with a forum of growth and enlightenment in their Islamic identity and education in a healthy environment.

The program consists of a series of themed sessions in which Islamic sciences pertaining to spirituality and everyday life are discussed. Additionally, attendees socialize with one another while enjoying refreshments.

This program is for young men and women professionals and college students who want to take a break from the everyday grind of college and work life to recharge their Iman battery.