The Mecca Center Girl Scouts ended the year of 2021 with a study of Animals. In December, while the outdoor Wildlife Center was canceled due to freezing temps, the girls learned about Illinois wildlife at the Mecca Center.

We wrapped up the year of 2021 in our 3rd meeting learning about the importance of being caring and considerate Muslimas, especially in the context of taking care of animals. They earned their Zinni petal badge, learned about a variety of animal habitats and worked together and made birdhouses to help shelter birds in the cold winter weather. Masha’Allah!

The girls also learned what the Wildlife Center does and what to do if they saw an animal in need. They prepared little shelters (out of boxes), came up scenarios involving an injured animal, explained the injuries, developed strategies on how to help the animal, and then presented it to the rest of the group. They went on to talk about how to emulate the Prophet (S), care for animals and to show compassion towards Allah’s creation. Each participant received an animal that they sewed and kept, as a reminder of the day’s lessons.

This January, Girl Scouts investigated the functions of the brain and the eye. They studied how these intricate organs enable us to function, think, move, see, and perform an endless number of actions.

Daisies and Brownies learned about the parts of the brain and what each lobe is responsible for. Under the guidance of our medical experts, Dr. Iqbal (Sophia’s and Maryam’s mom) and Dr. Kocak (Selma Kocak’s dad), the girls created their own 3-D model of the brain!

Meanwhile, the 3rd Grade Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes had the unique opportunity to dissect an eyeball under the guidance of ophthalmologists, Dr. Aref (Selma’s and Layla’s dad) and Dr. Ahmed (Layla Akbar’s Aunt). They identified the various structures of the eye and were able to hold the lens and magnify words! They also identified the optic nerve at the back of the eye and learned how it connects to the brain to communicate vision all within milliseconds! SubhanAllah, how perfect is Allah’s creation!

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