Communications Manager

Duties include but are not limited to the following: 


Oversee and coordinate day-to-day communications and marketing operations with personnel and staff members

Develop, update, and maintain organizational policies 

Manage and monitor advertising budgets 

Record Mecca Center community programming and store on Google Drive

Troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may take place during digital recordings of events.

Gather and maintain regular surveys and feedback of what can be improved post events. 

 Train volunteers in communications and marketing processes 

Monitor and manage communications and marketing operating expenses 

Liaise and coordinate with executive personnel, staff, and volunteers 

Oversee/Coordinate Mecca Center and its programming with Communications Director.  

Digital Marketing

Oversee design of fliers, brochures, newsletters, publications, ads, and other marketing material on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) 

Coordinate and confer with Communications Director on pending items for marketing. 

Respond to inquiries and manage mailbox 

Oversee marketing operations and regulate meetings with the Communications Director of pending requests and items. 

Oversees management and recording of The Mecca Center Podcast

Media Relations 

Coordinate responses to media inquiries 

Draft and publish press releases and media advisories 

Organize and manage press conferences 

Maintain and develop media contact list 

Must be authorized to work in the U.S.